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The Puke Picture

It all started when I was a young lass of 14. Well no, I wan't a lass, I was a little cunt. All my friends started getting into graffiti, like writing some obnoxious letters in a style that no one could read that something about "who they were" I dunno, I still don't get it, but being an artist and a little cunt, I was always up for putting my mark someplace with a sharpie marker.

So I came up with this picture of one guy puking into another guy's mouth. I've done it in all sorts of varying colors and details, but this it basically it.

My graffiti days are past me now, as I'm not a little cunt anymore, I'm now a grown up cunt.

I can usually be spotted at Best Buy or Comp USA stores drawing this on the demo computers' Windows Paint programs. the_carrot showed me how to take it one step further and save it as the desktop picture on the computers, then walk away and whistle like nothing ever happened. Is it any wonder why I am completely in love with that man? So anyways, here's my damn picture, I'll shut the fuck up now.

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