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We're unruly's Journal

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15th January 2004

shyrokstar12:57am: TRACY!!??

1st January 2004

ilikepeeandpoop12:56pm: HEY GUYS. come on and join my new community, illpoopurpants!! if you like being immature, obnoxious, nasty, stupid, dorky, or if you just like poop, this is the place for you. talk about everything from poop to pee to the man at the grocery store. talk about stupid things you did or pranks you pulled on your friend. we have great stories to tell u if u would only come and listen. you can be totally random or post pictures or talk about your butt. talk about anything. but there's one exception; if you're thinking this is a place for kinky sex fiends who get off on eating poop, try somewhere else. other than that, let's party. so hurry up.

20th June 2003

xxsuzxx5:18pm: Hey all!

My name is Suzanne. I'm new to this community, it seems like a really awesome idea. FINALLY a place for me to share my escapades, to people that will listen (or at least I hope will.) Thanks for having me here. XD.

On another note, Ide like to share something that I was a part of a while ago...
My friends and I decided that we wanted to make prank phone calls, so I said "Hell, let's call someone we know, and use a soundboard, so we can get their reaction."
We ended up calling our old pal, James. We used the "Dr. Phil" soundboard and called close to midnight. He answered, and the first thing we said was. "Hiya! I want you to start living as a gay woman. Are you having a gay relationship?" He was dumbfounded, and was like "Why are you telemarketers always calling my house!!!"
The funny thing was, he stayed on the phone talking to Dr. Phil for ten minutes....
Jackass. : P

12th June 2003

friginado5:39pm: Hopefully Operation Nizome will go down tonight :)
larca3:08pm: this is one of the greatest communities i have ever seen. my name is carla and i am 20 years old. my favorite thing in the world to do is to go out and act like assholes with my boyfriend and friends, drunk or sober. i was a good girl up until about age 17, and then i realized that i was acting too maturely. now i go out regularly and

; kidnap lawn ornaments (i enjoy putting a single gnome on someone's porch facing the door, ringing the doorbell, and running away).
; steal cones and other construction items.
; play ding-dong-ditch.
; stalking my friends (it involves peeking into their bedroom windows, tapping on them, hiding in the bushes, or actually breaking in and raiding their refrigerators until they come downstairs and catch me).
; "coning" my friends (so fun - putting an orange cone on their cars or on their porches in the middle of the night).
; coning random people! i can't imagine how crazy it must be to come outside in the morning and see an orange cone sitting on top of your car.
; "flamingoing" - my friends and i took some pink plastic flamingos just for the fun of sticking them in each other's front yards in the middle of the night.
; running naked through various grocery stores (only the guys do it, the other girl and myself are the getaway drivers).

i have a picture that i want to post, but my scanner is being unruly right now. i promise to post it whenever it calms down, though. and now i am leaving for the night...who knows what we will get into.
Current Mood: cheerful

10th April 2003

shyrokstar7:32pm: about me

if you all love me, and want to send me some snail mail
my address is

296 Mountain Ridge Court Apt. K
Glen Burnie, MD 21061

much love

21st March 2003

jedi_mermaid7:59pm: This one will be a hit the Simpsons fans here
There was once an episode of The Simpsons where Homer finds aging hippes that knew his mother. One was played by George Carlin. They rode around town and had what Homer called "freak outs" where they cranked "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel. Homer kept screaming "Freak out the establishment"

A friend and I did this today. We kept driving past the war protesters downtown with Uptown Girl cranked, windows down, screaming "FREAK OUT! FREAK OUT THE ESTABLISHMENT"

They didn't understand we were making fun of them.
We got on the news though.
Current Mood: amused

3rd March 2003

jedi_mermaid3:38pm: The Puke Picture
It all started when I was a young lass of 14. Well no, I wan't a lass, I was a little cunt. All my friends started getting into graffiti, like writing some obnoxious letters in a style that no one could read that something about "who they were" I dunno, I still don't get it, but being an artist and a little cunt, I was always up for putting my mark someplace with a sharpie marker.

So I came up with this picture of one guy puking into another guy's mouth. I've done it in all sorts of varying colors and details, but this it basically it.

My graffiti days are past me now, as I'm not a little cunt anymore, I'm now a grown up cunt.

I can usually be spotted at Best Buy or Comp USA stores drawing this on the demo computers' Windows Paint programs. the_carrot showed me how to take it one step further and save it as the desktop picture on the computers, then walk away and whistle like nothing ever happened. Is it any wonder why I am completely in love with that man? So anyways, here's my damn picture, I'll shut the fuck up now.

Current Mood: pleased

24th February 2003

lionessfreedom5:26pm: My watch, and first post
Allo. Not new, but first post.

I have a Midas remote/watch thing, that lets me turn on TVs with my watch. Tis spiffy. But I programmed it for the school TVs, and whenever remotely possible, including when I'm walking down the hall past a room with an open door and a TV, I turn the TV on and off to confuse the teachers. Fun stuff. I know, kinda dumb, but hell, my school is a prison. I have to amuse myself somehow.
Current Mood: artistic

1st February 2003

mysinstabs10:04am: this is the bestest community in the fucking world.

wah wah <3

drunken debauchery = stealing roadcones, roadsigns, running over mailboxes.

well, the person driving wasnt drunk.

just. being assholes.

its what we do best.
Current Mood: amused

25th January 2003

jedi_mermaid1:14pm: Unruly
May I present, for your entertainment and approval:

My collection of assorted tasteless adventures, pranks, observations, rants, stories, and whatnots.
Current Mood: nostalgic

10th January 2003

friginado4:54pm: Nothing big, but I thought it was amusing so I thought I would share it.
I almost got my ass kicked by a preppy Indian person. Ha. I seen Phil (an ex boyfriend of mine) coming around the corner while I was standing with my friends, so I say "EW it smells like poop, and 'sniff sniff' whore. Its smells like whore in this hallway!" I all ways call him a whore, just some think I do. Probably because he is one, anyhow I didn't even look at who he was walking with and apparently it was his prep so she thought I called her a whore I guess and when she walked past me she shook her fist at me like an old woman would do to little kids playing near her flowers. So I was like "Listen I was talking about Phil, I don't even know who you are" But I giggled the hole time because I found it all humorous. And this just proves my point that your skin color should NOT be darker then your hair, and even I know this an I'm a freak.
Current Mood: devious

1st January 2003

shyrokstar7:33pm: PnD tour
coming spring of 2003

PooDleS aNd DooDleS
----Rock Your Mom Tour----

for more info visit

31st December 2002

spongebobrocks7:18pm: New Years Eve...
Ah. I'm reminded of the first time me and my friends Star, Heather and Mary went out to heist lawn ornaments.

We dressed all in black and scoped out the areas before attacking. We even had a code word for when there was danger(when we were spotted, they had a dog, open windows etc). It was Charlies in the treeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!

And we rocked it to the BHG.


It's funny...to me.

Post, people, POST!
Current Mood: nostalgic

29th December 2002

shyrokstar9:57pm: pnd 4 life
haha!! im the friend!! we use my car!! and we scare the shit out of people

if you would like to see pictures of myself and spongebobrocks in our pigtails and glasses visit this site: http://www.geocities.com/nirvana_grrrl00/pnd.html

ruby sue!
Current Mood: devious
friginado1:15am: I have kidnapped lawn gnomes and left ransom notes, but my mother made me return it when my pig got stolen.

"Its all fun and games until some ones pig turns up missing!!"

Current Mood: devious
spongebobrocks12:28am: Uh OH!!!!
I've been told I'm not unruly....I'm, what did it say...oh, right "fugtarded" [sic]

So, join bitches and outdo me.
Put me in my non-unruly place.
Current Mood: good

28th December 2002

spongebobrocks11:57pm: Welcome to my new community.

I'll start w/ this.

My friend and I like to wear these hillbilly pigtail wigs and those Groucho Marx glasses w/ the mustache and freak people out at red lights.

Its.....HILARIOUS to see peoples reactions. They aren't sure if they should be scared or amused.

Also, its really fucking funny when you blow an airhorn at someone walking down the street. They look like they've shit themselves.
Current Mood: amused
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